Manage Fears and Phobias with Hypnotherapy

Fears and phobias are common – over 10% of people experience a simple phobia at some time. It could be anything from flying, heights, spiders, birds, dentists and even open spaces.  There is nothing we cannot develop an anxiety or phobia about.  Fears and phobias can range from being a mild anxiety to an extremely stressful and debilitating experience.

By using Hypnotherapy together with NLP these illogical fears, phobias and panic attacks can be easy to manage by changing the negative way we react to a certain experience to a more positive and acceptable way of coping in order to stay calm and relaxed in any situation…

All power is from within and therefore under our control” Robert Collier

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“Fear of flying?? Oh no no no, it was far worse than that for me. I couldn’t even see planes on the telly without panicking and getting VERY stressed.

I tried “approved” fear of flying courses run by certain airline companies, but nothing, still as bad. the problem was that we have a holiday home in Turkey and my wife travelled there on her own with the family cos I couldn’t/wouldn’t go so……Out of desperation and feeling a little silly if I’m honest, I agreed to try Hypnotherapy, and Jacqueline came highly recommended so the appointment was made.

After the sitting a flight was booked for Turkey, the big day came, still feeling happy about it,….in the airport waiting lounge, no problem,… the queue for the aircraft, good as gold,….all sat on board and up up and away, no worries, we even had turbulence, it woke me up, not for long though ZZZZZZZ

I loved my holiday and didn’t even dread the return journey. Jacqueline’s been the best money I’ve ever spent and I can’t thank her enough (nor can my wife as the flying created stress affected the whole family)

Give her a try, what have you got to lose.

Daryl Plenty, Taunton

“I have been petrified by birds since I have been a small child.  One session with Jacqueline and I feel ‘cured’.  I am now able to sit outside and have a coffee with my friends without worrying about all those pigeons.”

Jenny, Langport

“I have been terrified of spiders all my life.  I could not even stay in the same room as one and have been in tears because I have been so scared.  After seeing Jacqueline for three sessions I can now deal with a spider on my own by removing it from the room.  I still don’t like them but I can deal with them calmly and confidently.  It was well worth the long journey as Jacqueline immediately made me feel like I could conquer this illogical fear.

Lianne Trendell Preston