Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Congratulations.  You have just taken your first step towards a new, lighter, healthier, happier you.  There are many people that are unhappy with the way that they look and losing weight is a big issue for many.

Diets don’t work for the majority of slimmer’s and may even put lives at risk’

Here at Oasis Hypnotherapy we will discuss your eating habits and the triggers and the links between the emotional and physical reasons for unhealthy eating patterns.  We will also replace the unhealthy negative eating habits with more beneficial habits e.g. drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables, maybe exercising or even relaxing more

You will learn news ways of thinking and coping without abusing your body (you wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol engine as it wouldn’t work and our bodies will not work properly with junk food)

Hypnotherapy will help you to take back control of your own life and behaviours which will give you renewed confidence and improved self esteem.

All you have to do is make that decision and phone now for more information on:

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for a free, informal and confidential chat

After seeing Jacqueline I knew that I had “cracked it”.   I have spent years yo yo dieting and spent a huge amount of money on various diets.  I now know that I have the confidence and skills to stay in control of my weight by eating good healthy food that I enjoy and I feel better than I have ever done.  The money spent on Hypnotherapy has been worth every penny”

Sharman Townsend, Taunton